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Mastered data

Create clarity - one client, one record

Do all teams across your organisation create, access and update a single centralised client record?

Legacy architecture often means that onboarding takes place across multiple internal systems. Client data is therefore held in multiple places. Both individuals and companies can play different roles in different transactional contexts, so getting a full, rounded view of each customer and the inter-relationships of each entity involved, can be an extremely tricky task.

Critical questions

  • Are you able to easily obtain client records, all associated information and documents?
  • Are you able to view all the relationships and roles of an individual or entity with whom you interact?
  • Does your organisation have a clear and consistent client data model?
  • Are you able to easily visualise your data to conduct detailed contextual due diligence on your customers?

Aspirational state

Developing golden source data across your organisation can be an incredible efficiency accelerator. By driving a single view of the customer, you can expect improvements in:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Operational efficiency, reducing overall costs
  • Data consistency
  • Risk management
  • Ability to cross sell
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