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Keeping pace with expectations

Is your organisation sufficiently client focused?

Customers are now experiencing fantastically smooth personal onboarding with new market players and retail challenger banks – this is significantly increasing their expectations in terms of corporate onboarding.

Key questions

  • What do your customers expect from their onboarding experience?
  • What technology is available to enhance their experience?
  • How can you best balance the client experience with your risk-based approach?

Key objectives

Customer onboarding has become a key differentiator in retail banking and banks will need to respond to clients’ rising expectations around their onboarding experience. Key objectives include:

  • ‘One time’ Customer Onboarding – the ability to onboard the customer once at the start of the relationship and expand the scope of the relationship without re-onboarding
  • Only asking the customer to provide relevant additional information as the business relationship grows Leveraging public sources where possible for maintenance, with minimal client input and zero business disruption
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