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Value adding partnerships

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Do you have an effective approach to identify the right vendors?

There are now a plethora of new organisations who can bring specialist skill sets and technology to your organisation for a fraction of the price you would pay to build capabilities in-house. However, it can be hard to know how to choose the right partners and how to get the most out of the relationship.

Critical questions

  • Does your organisation have a clear and structured approach to partnering?
  • Have you already experienced excessive costs or poor outcomes from previous partnering efforts?
  • Are you confident that you know the right players in the market?

Aspirational state

We know that choosing the right partners can be difficult, that’s why we’ve launched the Fintech Innovation Network (FIN), a platform which provides granular detail on hundreds of fintech solutions. Your partners should all pass two key tests of (1) helping you deliver your strategic objectives (cost reduction, risk management, CX) and (2) delivering an excellent customer experience by working closely with you to ensure success.

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