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Enabling technology

Design a flexible technology platform

Does your technology provide a platform for the development and deployment of future risk and operational capabilities to support your business?

Technology may well be the main accelerator and enabler to help you drive your strategic objectives. However, this rests on the quality of requirements; for technologists to be effective it is essential for them to engage in quality conversations with business SMEs. Only with this business understanding can technologists design and structure a systems platform to address your true risk and operational needs.

Critical questions:

  • Does your process require manual intervention and workarounds?
  • Do you have a clear strategy to engage with and integrate market-leading technology?
  • Does your organisation currently operate an integrated cross-functional workflow?

Aspirational state

Developing a technology strategy for your onboarding, operations and compliance processes should be a key priority. By focusing on core capabilities and prioritising features, it is possible to continuously improve on a baseline design and realise benefits throughout the build journey. Core components include workflow, APIs, mastered data, flexible work items, pipeline management, data automation etc.

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