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Concise policy

Remove ambiguity with clear policy

Is your organisation’s policy clear, concise, unambiguous, well supported by procedure and most importantly, understood by your front-line teams?

Clear concise policy is a key foundation. Clearly it is essential that policy is well implemented to manage risk and recently there has been far more focus on policy simplification to prepare digitisation, and the implementation of rules to enforce accurate policy application on the ground.

Key questions

  • Is your team required to work with policy, which is written in complex, ambiguous language and therefore requires subjective interpretation?
  • Is your organisation’s policy fully mapped to regulation across all regions and products?
  • Are you confident that your policy is applied consistently in all cases?

Aspirational state

Build a systematic view of policy, using innovative technologies to map relevant regulations through policy to procedure and build confidence that regulations are being met on the ground. Use rules to autogenerate tailored requirements to each client and apply data techniques to analyse your population and check for compliance risks.

Discover the benefits of a clear and concise policy