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Trigger Event

Reacting swiftly as relationships evolve

Are you able to respond swiftly as client relationships change?

Whether it’s an expansion of an existing relationship or a change of circumstance for an existing customer as a result of corporate actions, change of directors etc., it is becoming critical to be able to respond in near real-time both to manage risk and meet regulatory expectations. The ability to respond at speed to changing data requires highly organised and structured client records and well-defined processes.

Key questions

  • Do you have to re-onboard clients as they expand their relationships to new geographies / business lines or products?
  • Do corporate events result in considerable manual rework of cases?
  • Do you have a backlog of client data changes to be addressed?

Aspirational state

It is critical to build out the right capabilities to highlight, schedule and prioritise change. There are now a variety of technologies and tools available to help institutions manage changing data – finding the right vendor to fit your specific needs will be fundamental.

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