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Organisational efficiency & productivity

Delivering business value

Is your organisation efficient and achieving maximum productivity?

Getting AML, KYC and Reg Compliance right is no longer a choice. Global fines are simply enormous and appear to be increasing year on year. The regulatory expectation is very clear, financial institutions are expected to manage their risk and screen out ‘bad actors’ to the best of their ability, all in the context of a very cost-conscious environment.

Key questions:

  • Are you able to demonstrate that your onboarding function delivers significant value to the wider organisation?
  • Are you able to demonstrate clear and transparent cost control to the business?
  • Is your team sufficiently resourced to meet onboarding volume targets and effectively manage risk?

Key objectives:

As efficiency and cost reduction become core drivers of business strategy, it will be critical to demonstrate the value and efficiency of your onboarding and client lifecycle management functions. Key objectives will include:

  • Transparent management of client onboarding pipelines, preventing backlogs and meeting targets
  • Structured cross-functional teams capable of operating seamlessly without silos
  • Integrated cutting-edge technology to automate processes, support organisational workflows, digitise policies and rules, maintain a single client record, provide transparency across the organisation and more
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