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Starting with the end in mind

Are your teams co-ordinated and effective from the very start of the customer engagement?

There is a critical opportunity to set client expectations at the very start of onboarding. If clients are well informed, not only are they likely to be more responsive but you may be able to uncover red flags early to inform your risk and resourcing decisions. How does your organisation manage this today?

Key questions

  • Are your sales teams or relationship managers able to conduct an initial assessment early in the process to identify any red flags?
  • Do you feel that expectations are appropriately set with the client up front?
  • Do you experience wasted effort as onboardings are abandoned because of information that only comes to light late in the onboarding process?

Aspirational state

Engage the client early and request initial documentation to ensure key elements of KYC are clearly understood up front. Take the opportunity to overdeliver on expectations and delight the customer while carefully managing your risk profile, focusing your team and rapidly identifying red flags to screen out inappropriate onboarding requests.

Talk through how to leverage the pre-onboarding phase