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Integrated financial crime compliance (FCC)

Focus on the right risks at the right time

Is your FCC team fully integrated with the wider organisation, enabling effective compliance tailored to the needs of your business?

The pressures of operational delivery can often lead to a misalignment between FCC and front-line operational staff. Without a shared understanding of the objectives of both parties, it can be difficult to generate an effective culture of compliance aligned to the needs of the business.

Critical questions

  • Do you have confidence that your processes meet regulatory requirements across all products and jurisdictions?
  • Are you confident that compliance can be guaranteed as client requirements change?
  • Do your FCC and operations team have a shared strategy with aligned objectives?

Aspirational state

By ensuring that the FCC and Operational functions have shared objectives and clear lines of communication, it is possible to generate a high performing, cross-functional team – one capable of maintaining the high pace of decision making necessary to meet the needs of the business and deliver against volume targets.

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