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Top 5 US Bank
Strategic review of
EMEA Client Lifecycle operating model
Our Client, one of the largest banks in the US, wanted to review and improve their client lifecycle approach in line with the ambitions of their long term strategy. This predominantly related to gaining a deeper understanding of client interactions with the various business teams in order to improve the overall experience when engaging with the bank.
As a result, BeyondFS were engaged to perform an independent, strategic review of the client lifecycle environment in EMEA to determine whether the current approach was:
• Robust;
• Controlled; and
• Scalable to support the aims outlined in the strategy.
  • Industry SegmentBanking
  • Function Client onboarding
  • CORe CAPABILITIESCompelling strategy and vision, Reliable change capability, Enabling technology

Key outcomes delivered

Clear (and practical) recommendations on the client onboarding and operating model enhancements needed to support the short term and long terms needs of the business.



Full strategic review completed.


Three key outputs delivered.


Implementation approach agreed.


Intelligence gathering
for action

Our review consisted of three key deliverables:

Part 1: Impact assessment of EMEA regional strategy

  • Review key themes outlined within the client’s strategy to identify areas of impact within the client lifecycle environment.

Part 2: Review of the current EMEA client onboarding and lifecycle processes

  • Comparison of current processes with the best practice “Beyond Framework of CLM Fundamentals”, a framework developed as a result of several years of on the ground experience, assisting a range of Financial Institutions.
  • Identification of key challenges and gaps in the existing client lifecycle model.

Part 3: Impact assessment of change initiatives impacting the EMEA client lifecycle environment

  • Consolidation of global and regional change initiatives that seek to enhance the client lifecycle environment.
  • Highlight any challenges around delivery of the portfolio of change.
  • Identification of opportunities to align project efforts to accelerate or improve the outcomes across the project portfolio.


Discovery, collaboration
and feedback

Aligned to the primary objectives of the Review, the following work was completed:

  • Discovery meetings with key client lifecycle ‘actors’ (process participants);
  • Feedback sessions with business representatives, operational teams and senior management;
  • Review sessions to explore the scope and impact of live initiatives with the in house change teams and other key project stakeholders;
  • Feedback sessions with both the EMEA strategy teams and the COO/business management teams in order to understand the anticipated impact of the EMEA regional strategy; and
  • Discovery sessions with operational subject matter experts to advise on the current state of the client lifecycle approach.

Observations were reported to a senior stakeholder group throughout the Review and discussed with the impacted teams to gain their feedback.

Discovery collaboration


Recommendations for the
short and the long term

Off the back of the Review, immediate actions and long term considerations were shared back with the client. A tailored implementation approach was developed to allow practical steps to be taken and industry insights shared to assist the client with embedding the approach into BAU operations.

The long term considerations included key recommendations on where to focus the strategic (digital) platform to enhance the maturity of business led client lifecycle environment that is customer focused, controlled and offers maximum efficiency.

The client used the findings of the Review to brief senior executives within the bank. The implementation approach enabled the client to establish a framework on which to build an environment ready to support their future business aspirations.

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