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Tier 1 global bank
Delivering optimised
operations: EMEA client
onboarding re-designed
The client’s EMEA onboarding and CLM team was perceived to be underperforming and were lacking fundamental processes and technology infrastructure.
Because onboarding volumes were impacting revenue and sales performance, an operational turnaround was required, in addition to the rapid implementation of a fully functional KYC operations blueprint.
  • Industry Segment Investment Banking
  • FunctionOnboarding
  • CORe CAPABILITIESOptimised teams, Effective controls, Reliable change capability, Concise policy

Key outcomes delivered

  • Improved communication with the front office
  • Redesign of KYC and onboarding process
  • Implementation of bespoke KYC and onboarding system
  • Development of a high-performance mindset within the KYC team


£ 10m

additional revenue in first 12 months through increased volume and speed of client on-boarding


increase in per person processing throughput without tech investment


more new client onboarding


‘new to bank’ onboardings cleared from 250 to zero


Overcome low
performance of
regional team

The poor perception of the client’s EMEA onboarding team created a very challenging operational environment for both the KYC team and the front office.

There was an immediate need to engage all key stakeholders and conduct a swift operational turnaround before implementing new scalable systems.

“Thank you for the superb work over the last 12+ months on helping us fix EMEA onboarding, remediate existing gaps, get ready for Brexit, and build a local team here. Very successful project and I am glad that you will continue to help us through other initiatives/projects. Client onboarding is 100% better than it was a year ago.”

Head of Sales & Trading

Tier 1 Bank


A collaborative environment
to accelerate onboarding
and improve efficiencies

Our team immediately engaged with EMEA compliance to refine policy requirements and streamline procedures to increase onboarding speed while maintaining regulatory compliance.

We implemented a weekly governance structure to engage the front office and communicate progress and challenges, generating a more collaborative environment. Our team also supported the hiring of a group of contractors to increase capacity – based on their performance, these individuals were then hired into a permanent team, embedding capabilities and creating a considerably enhanced KYC function.

A collaborative environment


A high performing,
engaged regional team

During our engagement we were able to greatly enhance the working environment and relationship between sales and operations, which enabled us to execute a rapid and comprehensive turnaround.

The bespoke tool built for the client was handed over to their team to operate on an ongoing basis. This enabled them to continue to perform at a high level once our team had rolled off the engagement.

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