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Tier 1 global bank
Change portfolio design:
Focusing and enhancing
change delivery
We were engaged by this client to review the change initiatives taking place across their onboarding and KYC space.
In total there were 136 individual projects competing for resource and funding, and in several cases, efforts were duplicated across the organisation due to overlapping objectives and un-coordinated activities.
The lack of structure, coordination, and vision for the onboarding function had led to the proliferation of change programmes and a lack of delivery. As a result, such initiatives were now perceived as both unpredictable and costly.
  • Industry Segment Investment Banking
  • FunctionClient Onboarding
  • CORe CAPABILITIESReliable change capability

Key outcomes delivered

  • Development of a departmental vision
  • Creation of a prioritised change portfolio
  • Implementation of a project initiation process
Focusing and enhancing
Focusing and enhancing



senior leaders engaged in a single global workshop to prioritise the set of global initiatives


initiatives rationalised and prioritised to ensure resources applied to only those with the greatest benefit


to align client team to a prioritised list of initiatives


Improve the management
of change projects and
stop escalating costs

The number of change projects within the department had become unmanageable and very costly. The scale of the challenge was not well understood as there was no central coordination of the initiatives in flight.

“BeyondFS demonstrated a depth of service delivery which extended beyond initial implementation to longer-term training across multiple teams and jurisdictions, leaving us with a fully embedded process and an enduring training capability. The personal ownership and accountability shown by the team throughout the engagement sets BeyondFS apart.”

Head of CDD

Tier 1 Global Bank


Rapid assessment,
identification of issues
and alignment of priorities

Our team rapidly assessed the situation on the ground, interviewing all team leads and developing a view of the total number of projects in flight.

The combined number of projects under execution at that time was 136. We assessed the intended outcomes and benefits of these initiatives, the potential risks to execution and their alignment with corporate strategic objectives.

Our team ran a global workshop for all senior leaders and, in one day, enabled the client team to agree a prioritised list of initiatives, centred on critical strategic objectives.

Rapid assessment


Full engagement &
shared objectives

The client’s senior leadership team was then able to take an informed decision on which initiatives would have the greatest positive impact on the business.

Our approach enabled this change of direction to be executed with full engagement and buy in of the key leaders in the business, and created a shared set of objectives for the department.

Let’s make
change happen

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