Our mission
from Day One

We created Beyond because we wanted to empower Financial Institutions to dramatically enhance customer experience, increase efficiency, and better manage risk.

What makes us different?

Area of focus
We’re specialists

Our skills, methods and experience have been developed and refined over years while leading multiple, large-scale client onboarding, operations and compliance change initiatives within Financial Institutions. We understand the multiple functions involved – from Operations, Compliance, and Technology, to Data and Change – and this deep understanding enables us to repeatedly deliver lasting value for our clients.

Way of working
Different approach

Our financial services clients repeatedly trust us to tackle their most challenging projects because we’ve demonstrated that we ‘take ownership’. Your problems become our problems – and we take them seriously. We will lead the change and continuously adapt to ensure you get the results you need.

Our value
Leveraging expertise

Our clients pay for expertise and team quality, not for the big firm name. We have a relentless focus on your objectives and work in close collaboration to ensure that we’re fully aligned, delivering the maximum impact for you, your clients and your key stakeholders.

Values that make
a difference

Our values dictate the way in which we conduct ourselves when working with clients, and when developing our own team. All relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. These values underpin everything we do and demonstrate that we are willing to earn your trust and respect through our actions on a daily basis.

Extreme ownership

We care deeply about delivering great outcomes. We take accountability for our actions. We don’t pass on responsibility. We empathise with our clients’ objectives. There is no part of your challenge that is not our challenge. We expect our people to step up and take total ownership to drive the change you need.

Relaxed intensity

We drive progress in an energetic but calm and focused way. We are respectful and friendly by nature. We are polite, patient and positive. We collaborate and work as one team without ego or hierarchy.

Genuine impact

We are focused on outcomes not hours logged. We value productive work rather than busy work. We are focused on delivering real value rather than just the outputs. We take pride in our reputation for getting the right things done, in the right way. We embrace innovation, entrepreneurialism and endeavour.

All three founders of Beyond have Big 4 business transformation and change management experience. We all began working in financial services soon after the 2008 crash, when complex regulatory change and new demands (placed on banks as a result of several high profile money-laundering scandals) highlighted the importance of client onboarding, operations and compliance management.
Our story

We had each became frustrated with the way in which critical programmes frequently failed to deliver real innovative, strategic, transformational change. However, while the huge wave of regulatory change since 2010 has presented a major challenge, it has also created a significant driver for transformation. The advent of automation, workflow and other enhanced technologies have created incredible opportunities to increase efficiency, improve risk management and drive a reduction in financial crime.

So, in 2018 we set out on a journey to build a company that brings together an absolute focus on client onboarding and lifecycle processes within financial services, the very highest quality people and an unwavering commitment to delivering against our clients’ objectives.

We believe this combination, together with the energy we bring, sets us apart and is why we’re trusted by leading financial institutions to deliver their most critical change programmes.

Our Team

Matt Neill
Managing Director

Matt has over ten years’ consultancy experience helping financial services clients navigate the ever-changing client onboarding and CLM landscape, building a strategic function that sets them apart from others.

Alistair Catto
Managing Director

Al has worked for the Big 4 and boutique consultancies, delivering transformation for leading Financial Services brands. He has led multiple large-scale programmes, including the delivery of complex, global client onboarding systems.

Matt Beattie
Managing Director

Matt has over a decade’s consultancy experience working with financial institutions to deliver global transformation programmes focused on optimising client onboarding operations and delivering regulatory change.

Josie Williamson

Josie specialises in AML compliance and client onboarding, with a focus on policy, project management and training. Josie has held roles at institutions such as Genpact, IHS Markit and SWIFT, developing their global KYC CIP and EDD policies.

Jenni Stenlake

Jenni has over 10 years of experience delivering key programmes of change within Operations, Finance and Financial Crimes Compliance for many leading financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and Standard Chartered.

Barry Emmerton

Barry is a delivery focussed change management consultant specialising in Financial Services. He has over 20 years’ experience gained within top financial institutions such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs.

Saara Day
Head of Marketing

Saara has over 20 years marketing experience, gained from senior roles within Professional and Financial Services. She is responsible for developing marketing strategies, delivering digital marketing initiatives, and leading PR programmes.

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